i.e. the same approach. But instead of “myUser”, it’s “new_user”, and the “0” id is hard-coded in each rating. And more underscore variables? This use of “code paraphrasing is a new concept to me.


Message of chairman

The founder of the company.

I immensely proud to declare that Afzal Naseem Enterprises benefitting tribute to the public. Our products are the way of fun, delight and happiness for the children. The vision of the founder was to become a leading company. Due to endless efforts of Haji Muhammad Afzal we have achieve command able milestones. The company of its classified and innovative range has become a trusted brand for generation, nationally and internationally. I would like to reassure all the stake holders that the management of Afzal Naseem Enterprises not only looks ahead with deep sense of enterprise, progressive outlook and professional attitude, but constantly services grasps and benefits from the state of the art technology and modern research to achieve new heights of success. Through our website we will try to make it easy for you to learn about our company, technology, customer care and our products. You are warmly welcome to visit this site.