INTRODUCTION: Afzal Naseem Enterprises was established in 1996 in Gujranwala, Pakistan. We Are Pakistan’s NO-1 Toy Confectionery manufacturer With Its Products Exporting Globally. Ever since our inception, we have firmly adhered to our vision of expansion and growth enabling the Co. to establish itself as a formidable and credible business holdings entity in Confectionery & Novelty Foods. . The combination of intelligent thinking and high end industry expertise has influenced a series of strategic initiatives influencing value optimization and enhanced revenue generation. Afzal Naseem Enterprises continues to strategically expand on its distinguished market position with the collaboration of Food Confectionery & Toys Manufacturing.

The company has become an active player in the following industries:

• Guddu Food (Toy Food Confectionery)
• Baby King ( Toys manufacturer)

We are aware that in order to succeed in tomorrow’s market place, it is more than important to evolve with the times; we are ready to take on the possibilities that the future has to offer. We remain confident in realizing our dreams and aspiration



A reflection of the Co. work culture that shall remain unchanged regardless of good or difficult times. These are:

• High quality and accountability working to clear and mutually accepted responsibilities.

• Teamwork “Working collaboratively towards common goals”.

• Valuing People

• Caring Hands-on management and decision making.

• Integrity, behaving ethically, safely, honestly and devotedly.

• Futuristic innovative solution to present to the market.

• Focus on continuous improvement and exceeding expectations.

We have been following a philosophy that has built a strong trust between us and our clients developing competent & competitive services and resources focusing on three key deliverables: Quality, Outcomes and lasting Value.

We are an innovative organization dedicated to provide services and supporting our clients achieves sustained business results. Our clients appreciate all the added values and trust, as well as our ability to transfer our expertise effectively and efficiently.
Our competitive comprehensive local resources of multiple skills and expertise are strategically placed in Pakistan.
The company will provide support and encouragement to ensure that health, safety and environmental measures implemented, reflect the level of commitment required to maintain and improve the company’s performance in such matters as is reasonably practicable.